Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Day at the Beach

Yeh the forecast says sunshine so Little Dragon no 1 (No 2 LD is at nursery) and I are off to the beach at Teignmouth (Devon). Firstly, LD decides she wants to use her scooter, so we go up and down the seafront and I take some photos of the "Rubbish Art" and the pier. Then we sit on the beach LD makes a sandcastle of sorts because the sand is not fine enough to be firm. I have to trudge down to the water to get her bucket full but I notice some tiny crabs and manage to entice her down for about 5 seconds. She isn't afraid of the water but its a bit stony underfoot.
She decorates it with shells and a crabs claw!!!
We then have lunch and get covered in cherry juice, me on my top!!! and LD all over her face.
Afterwards we investigate the fair which is now open and spend £10 in 5 minutes. At least LD had fun. Just before going back to the car LD plays in the park for half an hour.
All in all a brilliant day so if you have a young family and fancy a seaside holiday in Devon I would recommend Teignmouth. Hope you like the photos.

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