Friday, 29 January 2010

And Finally my Birthday card winner

Yes, I have finally managed to find the time to post about all the fantastic cards I received for my Birthday. Now I will make no apology for the length of this post because I wanted to show off everyones card and link to their sites so I can spread some love!
Firstly, I am going to show the cards I received from my Christmas RAK friends.
These are from my best ever crafting buddy Dawn AKA Craftykitten and a lady who is currently in many peoples thoughts Jude at Crafts International.
Next we have the cards from Janet AKA Clarky J and Terry of Tellen's Place.

The next cards I am showing are from Clare and Angela at Sparkly Cards.

Lastly, from my RAK friends we have Julie at Julie's Crafty Corner and Lisa AKA Allissa.

Now I would like to show you the cards I received in response to Part 2 of my candy. Here goes!!!

Firstly, the cards from Crafty Suzy and Linda at PinkLilacs and I must add with all the cards the photos do not do them justice. 

Then I had these two cards from Sarah AKA Anime Princess and Pat at My Mysterious Garden

The next two cards came from Rhonda and Kate T of Cato's Crafty Corner (who incidently pointed me in the right direction for a Tim Holtz distresser).
The final two cards are from the winner of part one of my candy Lyn AKA Spyder and a newbie crafter Wendy of Dinkum Creations - who makes some gorgeous jewellry.

Now I wasn't sure how to pick the winner, then my little dragon came in whilst I was photographing the cards and decided to pick the winner for me!!! This is my three year old, anyway she is a bit of a bull in a china shop sometimes so I thought OK. So the card she picked as her favourite was the one in this picture.
Cheeky little madam isn't she!!! This is the card from Sarah AKA Anime Princess - well done little lady.
You must let me know what candy / chocolate you prefer.




Anonymous said...

Well done to Sarah, and what beautiful cards you received !

Unknown said...

Hi Ali,
Wow you had some beautiful cards hun. Yes, she does look a cheeky little madam - but sooo cute!! What a grin! Many congrats to your winner! It's nice getting so many hand crafted cards isn't it?
Dawn xx

Dinkum Creations said...

Hi Ali,
You sure did receive a lot of lovely cards. Yep she certainly does look cheeky, but so adorable... :)
Congrats to Sarah.
Luv 'n' Hugs

Susie Sugar said...

Wow Beautiful cards!! Love the all and the colors are fab great designs too..
Hugs Susie xx

Unknown said...

What gorgeous cards you received for your birthday! Hope you had a great day! Your little girl is adorable:) Hugs, Rowena

Lin said...

Ali, what gorgeous cards. Lucky you. Your house must have looked amazing with all this lovliness in it.


stitchy said...

Ali, how gorgeous these cards are, you are one creative lady...glad you joined up with us at Digital-Ink Co.
stitchy xx